Create self-healing, reusable test automation
scripts with iNSta™ to

Match the Velocity of
Development with QA


Automate Early, Automate Now with iNSta

High velocity software release plans need QA & test automation to run at the same speed & scale. A low-code/no-code test automation platform like iNSta democratizes the process of test script generation, while removing the common roadblocks that hinder timely releases. Cigniti’s iNSta is an AI-powered, self-healing platform that allows you to quickly scale your test automation suites without any vendor lock-in.

iNSta has a test design studio that aids reusable test asset development. It provides an adaptive framework that supports automation artifacts to evolve in sync with the application under test (AUT).

A Trusted Codeless Test Automation Platform for Global Customers

Holistic Coverage Across the Technology Landscape

Mobile Automation

iOS and Android (Native and Hybrid)

Web Technologies

Angular JS, React JS, and .Net

Backend & Middleware

Synchronous & Asynchronous API validations & verifications, including RESTful, SOAP, websocket etc.

Core Banking

Temenos Transact (formerly known as T24)

CRM Testing

Salesforce and MS Dynamics


Database validation and verification

Seamless Integration With Your Existing Tech Stack. Opt Out Any Time!


Become Deployment Ready, instantly!with Instant Test Designingwith Instant Test Scriptingwith Instant Test Executionwith Instant Test Reporting

Instant test designing

Instant test designing

Promoting true collaboration across multiple stakeholders, iNSta sits as an extension on your browser to capture the sequence of your actions and automatically generate the test script in plain English.
Instant test scripting

Instant test scripting

With user-friendly iNSta web application, you can easily create and maintain test scripts & other automation artifacts. iNSta provides test orchestration & import actions to generate test scripts, with the ability to handle sensitive data. It has the provision for smart conditions, loops, & custom functions to help you generate a codeless, yet code-like test script.
Instant test execution

Instant test execution

The iNSta execution agent can perform cross-platform executions across browsers & OSs, parallelly or sequentially, at a schedule that aligns with your release cycle. As per your needs, test execution engine integrates with the latest CI/CD platforms (Docker) and the cloud (Sauce Labs, Browser Stack) infrastructure to support Continuous Testing.
Instant test reporting

Instant test reporting

With iNSta, you get the provision to create and access role-based dashboards that offer instant, real-time analysis of test execution. You can choose to configure the dashboard as per your needs with Default, Extent, & Custom reporting. The advanced analytics offer deep insights into your test processes.

What Makes iNSta the Most Preferred Scriptless Test Automation Platform

No Vendor Lock in

You can export the entire code into any Java or C# framework and manage it on your own.


Reduces the feedback cycle and brings rapid validation in developing products.


iNSta’s AI-powered engine Executes, Identifies, Validates, Optimizes, Resolves & Remediates.


Easy traceability of code changes, Impact Analysis, and auto-healing reduce maintenance overheads

Faster Time To Market

iNSta comes with in-built-frameworks, libraries and 3rd party plugins.

Built by the experts

Cigniti is a renowned Digital Assurance & Digital Engineering services leader, worldwide. Cigniti experts have been delivering exceptional value through test automation to our global customers. We have tackled the most common and some not so common test automation challenges head on, winning every time! With the same core, we have now built iNSta to give you the power to democratize test automation in your organization.


Critical Capabilities for Application Testing Services, Worldwide

Published: 26 November 2019 ID: G00379972

“Cigniti has created test automation accelerators for desktop, web, mobile and enterprise applications. It has testing expertise mainly in enterprise application platforms. It uses cloud-enabled test labs, certified testing and engineering specialists, test COEs, and continuous integration, enabling an enterprise automation framework to deliver testing services.”


Continuous Testing Service Providers

By Diego Lo Giudice July 27, 2017

“The vendor also has solid client programs, methods, and frameworks for Continuous Testing (CT) transformation consulting. It provides a breadth of CT practices and services with points of excellence in test execution automation, test environment provisioning, and testing in production.”

The Winning Combination of Cigniti’s Services Expertise and iNSta’s No Code Automation Platform Capabilities

iNSta’s No Code Automation Platform Capabilities

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Frequently Asked Questions

iNSta is Cigniti’s self-healing, Low Code/No Code AI-powered Scriptless Test Automation platform that reduces the barrier to develop test automation assets at scale.

It’s both. iNSta uses AI-powered recorder to offer visual model-based automated test script generation. It offers the provision to add custom code and has script generation capabilities for scripting-based automation (while allowing integration with Selenium).

iNSta supports UI automation across digital apps (web, mobile, API)


iNSta is easy to learn with record & playback features. Your existing manual testing team as well as key business stakeholders across your organization can be leveraged for test script creation.

  • High Customization from an Architecture standpoint
  • Impact analysis module (Scoping, Optimization, Priority)
  • iNSta empowers business stakeholders with or without programming skillset to generate custom, reusable test scripts through its visual model-based recorder.
  • iNSta can convert your existing manual test cases to automation test cases.
  • It allows you to generate customizable report with false positive analytics.
  • iNSta is powered by AI & ML to enable auto-remediation and make maintenance easy.
  • There is no vendor lock-in with iNSta, and it can help you generate scripts in customized frameworks across multiple programming languages.
  • iNSta is backed by Cigniti – the world-renowned, analyst-recognized leader in Digital Assurance & Digital Engineering services.

We follow a flexible pricing model to offer you a cost-effective scriptless test automation platform that fulfills your automation needs and fits within your budget.

At any point after developing your automation suite using iNSta, if you wish to stop using it, you can easily export all the scripts into a Java or C# based selenium framework code. These scripts can be easily imported into eclipse/visual studio, where you can execute/maintain them further, even without the iNSta license.

For any automation project to be successful, proper analysis should be done in selecting the right manual test cases to yield higher return on the time invested. A detailed documentation of the test cases thus selected helps your automation effort to run smoothly.

Yes, iNSta can automatically read keywords and create test scripts from manual test cases that are in a pre-defined format.

iNSta supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid hosting options. As per your requirements, it can be hosted on either your environment or our environment.

Cigniti, the parent company of iNSta offers various services based on your requirements and level of test automation maturity:

  • Advisory & Consulting:
    1. Current state Assessment
    2. Automation Feasibility
    3. Tool Selection
    4. Proof of Concept
    5. Test Automation Strategy
  • Automation Implementation:
    1. Tool Implementation
    2. Script Development, Execution and Maintenance
    3. CI/CD Integration
    4. Test Automation-as-a-Service
  • iNSta implementation & enablement: Implementation, Training, and Technical Support
  • Automation for COTS Applications:
    1. Script development, execution and maintenance using Pre-built accelerators for SAP, Peoplesoft, Salesforce, Workday, etc.
    2. Test Automation for Upgrades, Patches, internal releases

Yes, iNSta being a script-less automation platform, makes it very easy and fast to automate test cases. This speed of development helps in using automation in phases, like in-sprint, where it is not possible with scripting tools. Also, iNSta’s self-healing capability is especially useful in in-sprint automation where there is a high chance of updates to the UI, which may otherwise disrupt the existing UI elements.

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Unleash the power of self-healing AI in scriptless test automation to

Save test time by up to 70%

Improve test coverage by up to 74%

Improve test coverage by up to 74%

Reduce test execution time by 44%

Reduce test execution time by 44%

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