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iNSta offers a holistic solution for you to reduce the barriers to develop test automation assets,
scale your test automation efforts, and bridge the gap of skilled resources.

iNSta Test Designer

Create an automation script as easily as record and playback. iNSta Test Designer can be configured as a browser extension to capture the interactions between a user and an application to create a test script. Easily & quickly convert your manual scripts to automation test scripts with an intelligent recorder and NLP-based scripting. Catering to multiple personas – functional testers, tech & dev testers, and domain experts – iNSta democratizes complete test automation.

iNSta Web Application

A user-friendly web application where your test scripts and other automation artifacts are created and maintained.

iNSta Execution Agent

The Analytics-driven iNSta Test Execution Engine automatically calibrates infrastructure requirements, enabling you to auto-scale your automation efforts. The Execution Agent is used to execute test scripts on configured test machines.

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Unleash the power of self-healing AI in scriptless test automation to

Save test time by up to 70%

Improve test coverage by up to 74%

Improve test coverage by up to 74%

Reduce test execution time by 44%

Reduce test execution time by 44%

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